Only Products purchased via the Site may be returned to the Vendor pursuant to the conditions and procedures defined in articles 8 and 9 of GTS to the exclusion of any other products, including those bearing the Vendor’s marks or sold thereby in other sales outlets.You have a period of 30 days to return your products.

Returns are free of charge for customer countries listed below:

- Germany

- Spain

- France

- Great Britain 

- Austria

- Belgium

- Denmark

- Italia

- Luxembourg

- Netherlands

- Sweden

Returns will be charge to customer 15 for country listed as below:






Customer can also choose so send goods at his cost.

Customer have to pay his return if he lives in a country listed below:

- Czech Republic

- Hungary

- Greece

- Bulgaria

- Croatia

- Slovenia

- Slovakia

- Romania

- Poland

Therefore, this exclusion also applies to products that are distributed or sold by a retailer or any other third party, whether or not authorized by the Vendor.

 It is mandatory that the Products be returned according to the following steps:

 The Customer must contact the Customer Department by email to : specifying clearly the Order Number

  1. If a remote inspection of the product is not sufficient, the Customer Department will give you a return number
  2. You will then receive via email a return label under PDF format if available in your country. If not forwarder will come pick up the goods at your place.
  3. Customer must carefully pack the product in a parcel of his choice. The parcel must be tightly closed with scotch tape
  4. The label received need to be printed out and added onto the box and the drop off to DPD parcel shop

 It is specified that the damage or loss of Products upon their return falls within the Customer’s responsibility.

After verification of the reason for return of a Product and inspection of its conformity, the Vendor accepts or refuses its return.

 In the event of refusal, the Product is either shipped back to the Customer at his expense or made available to him for 30 days at the Vendor’s warehouse.

 When the return is approved by the Vendor, and the Customer desires an exchange of Product, the latter must place a new order after reimbursement of the returned product by the Vendor.

 Unless any of the warranties specified in article 9 of GTS is put into play, the Customer commits to return the Products in their initial packaging including all of their accessories: instructions for use, carton labels with bar code, individual plastic packaging, etc.).

 For footwear products, the packaging box must be clean and the bar codes readable, the shoes’ outer soles must be clean and the shoes must not have been worn (to be tried out on a carpet or on any other surface that does not tarnish the Product).

Textile Products must be clean and not washed, and must be in the initial plastic packaging with all of the initial labels.

 For skateboards, the Product must be clean and not used (to be tried out preferably on a clean surface that does not damage the Product). It must be returned with its plastic packaging and all of the instructions for use.